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The 240 Series Hole Digger is the first one-man, hand-held hole digger to feature an all position, 4 Stroke engine. No more mixing oil with gas. No more separate fuel cans. And, no more smoky, exhaust mess because of the Honda engine meets current EPA emission standards. The 240H is built with professional features that make it ideal both contractors and homeowners alike. Performance to dig up to an 8 inch (203 mm) diameter hole in a variety of soil classifications. Built with oversized ball bearings, heat treated shafts and precise, machine-cut gears designed to deliver long service life. The unique ComfortZone™ operator handle design helps maximize strength

The time proven 300 Series Hole Diggers are designed to tackle a wide range of construction related hole digging projects...from simple backyard fencing to complex landscaping and soil sampling. Each built with oversized bearings, heat treated shafts and precision, machine cut gears that has created an industry wide reputation for delivering long service life. Each with the power and performance to dig up to 18 inch diameter (457 mm) diameter holes in a wide variety of soil classifications. The unique Comfort-Flex™ operator handles actually flex under load to help absorb vibration and kickback forces encountered. This feature

The Toro Dingo TX 427 Wide Track extends your versatility, while improving your productivity when faced with a variety of landscapes and ground conditions. The TX 427 Wide Track offers amazing hydraulic power and with only 3.6 psi ground pressure, the Dingo TX 427 is extremely gentle on delicate turf. All of this awesome power is harnessed with only 3 easy-to-use hand controls. These simple controls coupled with walk behind operator position translate into extremely short learning curves, 360° visibility and instant productivity.

For the small jobs likes a single hole for a mailbox or a sign, the Twirl Hand Held Auger is the tool for the job.  

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