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Local and One Way Truck Rentals

For intown moves, or for renting a truck and bringing it back to the same spot it was picked up, we have a fleet of 15 foot Box / Cube trucks available for rent.  If your looking to rent a truck and move one way, say from Michigan to Florida, we rent Penske Trucks.  In Fact, we are very proud to say we are the oldest Penske Satellite Facility in the NATION!  Yes - that's correct - we have been renting Penske Truck's out longer than any other Penske Satellie Facililty in the entire US.  

Local Truck Rentals

We are open 7 days a week and have a fleet of 15 foot Box / Cube Trucks avaialbe for rent.  Whether you need to pick up some furniture, move to another place, or rent the truck for a business move, we have a truck for your need.  After hours drop off is available for all truck rentals. 

One Way Truck Rentals

Penske 12 ft. Truck

Good size for moving a dorm or efficiency apartment 

3,100 lbs. load capacity

Penske 16 ft. Truck

Typically the right size for 2-3 roooms of furniture 

4,300 lbs. load capacity

Penske 22 ft. Truck

The right size for moving a small home 

11,000 lbs. load capacit

Penske 26 ft. Truck

Our largest consumer rental truck Provides enough space for moving a 3-5 bedroom home 

10,000 lbs. load capacity

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