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Drain Snakes

Toilet Auger

This auger provides fast and safe clearing of toilet obstructions, and negotiates water-conserving toilets. This auger features a durable, kink-resistant, 1/2-inch compression-wrapped inner core cable, a vinyl guard to protect porcelain, and large, ergonomically designed handles.  This is the only auger that will work with your toilet attached to the floor. 

Small Drain Cleaner Manual

Our handheld snake is 75 foot long.  Great for jobs where there isn't room for an electric snake, or, even for using it on your roof an cleaning out down spouts.  Works great for drains that have a small space to work in or for cleaning out light blockages.

Small Drain Cleaner Electric

The Electric Eel Handheld Drill-Powered Drain Cleaner is professionally engineered to clean 1 1/4in. to 2 1/2in. dia. drain lines up to 35 feet. The Jacobs easy-to-tighten cable chuck fits securely in place and resists rust. Lightweight stainless steel drum is ideal when encountering harsh liquids. VSR 1/2in. drill with double ball bearing gear head offers smooth, quiet operation. Great for cleaning out sink drains. 


Medium sized 50 Ft by 3/8 Cable

This electric snake is good for smaller plumbing applications.  Great for unclogging 1.5 inch to 3 inch lines. This is the common snake used to unclog household drains.  Has a forward and reverse. 


Medium sized 50 Ft by 1/2 Cable

The medium sized snake is great for lines up to 4 inch.  Use this snake when going through a clean out in your house or business.  This is the snake you need for the larger pipes in your house. 


Water Jetter with a Pressure Washer

This easy to operate jetter kit will turn your pressure washer into a professional drain cleaning system. Simply connect the hose and nozzle to the end of the wand assembly and feed the hose down the drain or pipe, etc. We can rent you the Water Jetter OR both the Jetter and a pressure washer. 

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