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Concrete and Mortar Mixers

You may have decided to carry out a simple home renovation project and in need of a concrete mixer for the process. Or, you may be a private contractor or a construction company executive who has plenty of need for mixing concrete, but not the need to pay high dollars for big trucks or the time and money for rental equipment.

You want an inexpensive yet simple concrete mixer that can be moved quickly and stored easily.

As a result, the only mixer sthat fits into these criteria are the wheelbarrow style concrete mixers. These portable concrete mixers allow you to mix concrete quickly and efficiently and then carry it quickly to where the project work is going on. 

The 6 cu/ft Gas Stone Mortar Mixer 5.5HP MMX-655H-S UltraMix by Toro is perfect for a multitude of mixing applications. Toro's line of Stone mixers are a versatile line of mixers available for every job and mixing requirement. Toro's deluxe mid-range mortar mixer offers an electric motor a durable steel drum and 1-1/2 - 2 bag capacity for versatility and productivity. 

The Stone Gas Concrete Mixer 8HP CM-958H-S by Toro is perfect for a multitude of mixing applications. Toro's line of Stone mixers are a versatile line of mixers available for every job and mixing requirement. Their heavy-duty frame for maximum durability and offer exclusive features that improve productivity and enhance operator control. 

Concrete Tools

Concrete Vibrator

This heavy-duty concrete vibrator is designed for the rigors of the job site. Multiquip flex-shaft vibrators are designed for work in medium to high-slump concrete. Typical applications include small pours, slabs, driveways, stem walls and footings.

Power Trowel

Stone Smooth Operator power trowels are available in 24-, 36-, 46-, and 48-in. diameters and balanced with a cast-iron spider, rotating stabilizing ring, and variable blade adjustments. All machines are available with a choice of engine: Honda, Briggs, Robin, or Wisconsin. The Dyna-Clutch system stops the blade from rotating without turning off the trowel. A shock-mounted ring reduces vibration and chatter for increased operator comfort. Finish or combination blades are available. 

Bull Float

Bull floating should be done immediately after "screeding", or after the concrete has been tamped if tamping was done.This process should be finished before excess moisture or bleedwater appear on the surface.

The purpose of darbying or bull floating concrete is to level ridges and fill voids left by the screeding operation. It should also slightly embed the coarse aggregate to make subsequent finishing operations easier.

Stone Mudd Buggy

Walk behind or ride on the same machine to haul up to 16 cu. ft. of material over rough terrain. The hydraulic dump system allows you to move and dump up to 2,500 lb. loads with ease. The Stake Bed version carries up to 10 cu. ft. or 2,500 lbs. The standard 13 hp Honda engine is available with optional electric start. The Mud Buggy easily moves concrete, mortar, gravel, dirt, debris and more around the toughest job sites


Electric Saw

A pro quality electric saw, ideal for cutting through concrete and block. Makita's 14 In. Angle cutter has 25% more cutting capacity than comparable electric saws. Great features include an adjustable/removable tool base for cutting closer to walls and front and rear guide wheels on the guard for smooth traveling over surface material. The built-in vacuum attachment port efficiently removes dust and debris, as well as a protective rubber shield to keep debris away from operator and motor. Innovation comes in a 0°-80° adjustable tool body, plus the body operates independently of cutting depth for operator comfort and convenience. Ball bearing design and externally accessible brushes provide for greater serviceability and longer tool life. Lock-on button and rubberized wraparound handle for increased control and comfort with reduced operator fatigue. 

Gas Powered Concrete Saw

It’s the perfect choice for construction workers and landscapers.  The new K 760 is well-suited for cutting concrete and stone in construction work, and for making smaller openings for windows and doors. Also, it works well for cutting paving stones in park and garden work.  The improvements to the new K 760 include large and small details that boost your efficiency and profitability.

Saw Masonry Block Saw

For landscape jobs that require larger blocks to be cut a Masonry block saw is what's needed.  Our saw has a powerful honda engine to cut through any type of landscape block.

Walk Behind Cement Saw

CS1 Pavement Saw is a walk-behind, gas-powered concrete and/or pavement saw. This push saw cuts through the toughest jobs. Ideal for the professional contractor who is engaged in concrete and asphalt flat sawing to depths of up to 4 5/8". (Uses Stone Diamond Saw Blades)

Core Drills and Cup Drills

Core Drill

The Milwaukee diamond coring rig is a contractor series small base stand that features a cast aluminum base with 4 leveling screws for fast accurate leveling adjustment. It is a large base stand that comes with the Vac-u-Rig, Meter box and diamond coring motor.  Our core bits go up to 9 inches.

Cup Bit

SDS-Max and Spline Thick Wall Core Bits are used for drilling large through holes into brick, block, concrete. Includes core bit, guide plate, and centering pin.

Concrete Grinders

Diteq Concrete Floor Grinder

Ideal for removing paint, thinset, epoxy, repairing old or damaged concrete, leveling slabs, or prepping for epoxy floors.  

Concrete Floor Grinder Edco

Edco floor grinders are ideal for areas less than 1,500 square fee, Residential or Commercial application Grinding concrete, Repairing damaged concrete slabs, Removing urethanes or epoxy thin-coats, Leveling high spots or surface imperfections, Smoothing rough surfaces, rain marks or trowel marks, or Removing mastics, thin-sets, paint build-ups, resins and more.  

Just because we don't have it listed, doesn't mean we don't have it for rent. We have many other items for rent like Cement shoots, Jack Hammers, and even small items like hand held finishing tools. 

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