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Chipping Hammer / Hammer Drill

Hilti Chipping Hammer is great for these jobs. 

Chiseling work on concrete and masonry walls

Channeling on concrete and masonry

Repairing concrete

Removing plaster and tiles

Chiseling breaches and penetrations for pipes in walls and floors

Electric Jack Hammer

The Bosch BH2760VC Brute™ Breaker Hammer delivers the best concrete removal rate in its class, impressive for a tool that weighs just 63 lbs. Providing 1,000 BPM and 35 ft.-lbs. of impact energy, this tool can handle heavy-duty applications such as asphalt work or foundation removal. The Vibration Control™ system includes a longer air cushion in the hammer mechanism and shock-mounted handles. The breaker hammer doesn't need a compressor, running on any 115/120V AC/DC, 15-AMP outlet or 2,500-watt portable generator

Air Jack Hammer

These large 60 and 90 lb heavy-duty hammer is an excellent choice for thick concrete, bouders, frozen gound, etc. Our Air Jack Hammers come with a large tow behind 185 cfm air compressor. 

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