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Propane and Forklift Refilling Station

You’re all moved into your new place and you want to have a cookout to celebrate. You go outside to warm up your grill and realize you need propane. Should you take it to the local exchange location or find a place to refill your tank? Below we “bust” some of the most common myths about propane tank exchange and discover that refilling a propane tank is the best bang for your buck.

MYTH: Exchange is cheaper than refill.

Some people may believe that grabbing a propane tank from an exchange cage at their local grocery store or gas station is the less expensive option. In fact, some people may not even know that Metropolitan Equipment can refill their propane tank.


Myth Busted:

An exchange tank only has 15 lbs, so not only are you only getting 3/4 a tank and losing about 4 hours of grill time, it's costing you on average, $1.76 a gallon more!

MYTH: An exchanged tank contains as much propane as a refilled one.

Read the fine print. When you exchange a propane tank, you are only guaranteed 15 pounds of propane per 20 pound tank. That means you are being shorted the amount of propane that the tank can actually hold. Not only are customers paying more to exchange, they are getting less propane than if they refilled their tank.

Myth Busted:

 We fill up and top off customers’ propane tanks—meaning they get the most propane their tank can safely hold. That extra 25 percent equals about four more hours of grilling time.

MYTH: Exchange is quicker than refill.

Anyone who has exchanged a propane tank before knows that it’s not as simple as dropping off your tank and grabbing a new one. You still have to go inside the location, wait in line behind other customers, and then wait for an attendant to unlock the propane tank cage.

Myth Busted: 

Refilling a propane tank is quick and convenient. If you are refilling at our location, we get you in and out as quicly as we can no matter if you have one BBQ tank, or if you have 10 forklift cylinders to fill.  

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